Social Media in Criminal Cases


Social Media in Criminal Cases


All too often these days, people are quick to post information on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter that could potentially cause harmful consequences. This is especially true for those accused in criminal cases. Very often when a defendant is charged with a crime the prosecutor will begin investigating by going to social media sites and finding the defendant’s profile. It is not uncommon for prosecutors to find posts or photographs that help them in some way strengthen their case against the defendant.


Posting to Social Media can be used in Criminal Cases

An example of this happening is with the recent story of Matthew Cordle in Ohio who was accused of killing someone while driving drunk. After the incident he made a video that he posted to Y ouTube where he confessed to causing a death while driving drunk. This is far more extreme than what happens in most cases. Usually, it can be a matter of unintended photographs or comments to friends that link a defendant to a crime.

Regardless of whether it is an intentional confession or an unintentional post that somehow links a defendant to a crime, anyone who has been accused of a crime should be very cautious of what they post on social media that could be used against them in criminal proceedings.


If you have been accused of a crime make sure you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before taking any actions or speaking to anyone, even on social media, regarding the circumstances of your charges or potential charges.

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