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    The terms of your child support, child custody and alimony agreements are not written in stone. Nevada courts recognize that people’s lives change and, when they do, their court-ordered support and custody agreements may need to be altered.

For Divorced Couples and Parents Who Were Never Married

    If you have experienced a significant change in circumstances since your divorce, you may be eligible to file for a modification of existing court orders. Parents who were never married can also file for modifications. The attorneys of Bellon & Maningo, Ltd., in Las Vegas, can help you petition the court for a modification.

    With regard to child support, you have a right to seek a modification of a court order every three years — more frequently if circumstances have changed significantly since the original order or last modification.

    If you have a timely and good enough reason, you can request a modification on most anything the court orders, including financial support, visitation, holiday schedules and vacation schedules. Good reasons can include the loss of a job, a significant increase in the salary of the support-paying party, a move out of the region or out of state, a remarriage or the birth of additional children.

Support Modifications Are Only Retroactive to the Date of Filing

    If you lost your job last January, but didn’t file a petition to reduce your child support payment until June 1, you will continue to owe the original amount of child support for the months of January-May.

Whether you are in the military and stationed overseas, or even in prison, court orders remain in effect until you file a petition for a modification. Do not rely on an informal agreement with the other party. It probably won't hold up in court.

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