If you believe that a judge made an unfair decision in your family law case you have the right to file an appeal. The family law attorneys at Bellon & Maningo, Ltd. have years of experience in assisting clients with these matters.

    A family court appeal is significantly different than your initial case. Appeals are focused largely on written arguments, which is a strength of the Las Vegas lawyers at Bellon & Maningo, Ltd. We can handle your appeal whether we represented you in your initial case, or another attorney represented you. Additionally, we can represent you if you received a favorable decision in your family law court proceeding, and another party filed an appeal.

    Once we are retained to handle your case, the attorneys of Bellon & Maningo, Ltd. will conduct a thorough review of the court’s decision, as well as conduct all necessary research to determine whether the decision was fair, the law was followed, and rules were adhered to

An unfair decision in a family law case can greatly affect your life. The attorneys at Bellon & Maningo, Ltd. have extensive knowledge and experience to help you through the process of appealing these decisions. If you have lost a case and feel that an appeal is the next necessary step, it is important to contact a family law attorney at Bellon & Maningo, Ltd. immediately. Timing is crucial with regard to the filing of an appeal. Call 702-452-6299 or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation about your child custody and support concerns.

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