Defending Nevada Probation and Parole Violation Charges

    Even a minor violation of the terms of your probation or parole can result in the loss of your freedom. When the stakes are this high, it is important to consult a criminal defense attorney who has had success in probation and parole violation cases.

A probation or parole violation can jeopardize the agreement that comes between you and incarceration. Don't take this matter lightly

    The lawyers of Bellon & Maningo, Ltd., in Las Vegas, represent clients throughout southeastern Nevada in probation and parole violation cases. The attorneys of Bellon & Maningo have the experience and skill required to defend you effectively.

Probation Violations

    If you are on probation, you have already been convicted of a crime, but part of the sentence may be suspended. If you are arrested on new charges, fail to report to your probation officer or fail to meet the conditions, the probation officer can file a motion to revoke your probation. If the court grants the motion, you will have to serve your sentence in jail or prison.

    The criminal defense lawyers of Bellon & Maningo will defend you against the new charges or negotiate on your behalf with the district attorney’s office or the Department of Public Safety’s Division of Parole and Probation. Bellon & Maningo’s primary goal is to preserve your freedom.

Parole Violations

    Parole may be granted to a prisoner who has already served a substantial portion of a sentence. Violation of the terms of parole can send you right back to prison. The lawyers of Bellon & Maningo will carefully examine the facts of the case and listen to your explanation of events. In some cases, they may argue that you substantially complied with the terms of parole. In other cases, they may contend that the event was not, in fact, a true violation of the terms of release.

    In any probation or parole violation case, it is important to act quickly.

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