Uniquely Las Vegas: Nonpayment of Casino Markers

    They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but some mistakes can follow you home.

    If you fail to pay back a casino marker or pass a bad check in Las Vegas, the matter is referred to the Clark County District Attorney’s office for prosecution. If the bad check or marker was for more than $250, you will be prosecuted for a felony. A warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Help With Gambling-Related Warrants

    The attorneys of Bellon & Maningo, Ltd., represent clients from across Nevada, throughout the U.S. and around the world who are charged with this uniquely Las Vegas crime. Many had no idea that they were the subject of a felony warrant — until it became a problem. The warrant may have surfaced when a police officer ran their driver’s license after a traffic stop.

Bellon & Maningo frequently represents people from outside the U.S. who cannot obtain a visa to enter the country because of a warrant related to the non-payment of a casino marker.

    You don’t have to be a high roller to find yourself with a Las Vegas felony warrant for failure to pay a casino marker. It can – and does – happen to anyone.

Bellon & Maningo Can Clear This Up for You

    The good news about charges involving casino markers and bad checks is that they are dropped as soon as the debt is paid. Bellon & Maningo can negotiate on your behalf with casino representatives. Often they will agree to a repayment that amounts to just pennies for every dollar you owe. Bellon & Maningo will negotiate the terms of the agreement, and set up a reasonable repayment schedule.

    In most cases, Bellon & Maningo can handle the issue on your behalf so you won’t have to return to Las Vegas for a court appearance.

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