Defending Against Charges of Battery or Domestic Violence

    If the police are called to the scene of a domestic dispute in Nevada, someone is likely to face formal charges. If that person was you, it is important to seek out the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in defending people charged with domestic violence.

Bellon & Maningo Stands Up for Your Rights

    The attorneys of Bellon & Maningo, Ltd., in Las Vegas, vigorously defend clients in cases involving spousal battery, domestic violence and violation of restraining orders. You can rely on them to pursue the best possible result in your case, even if that means taking it to trial.

In the heat of an argument, a husband or wife may pick up the phone and call the police, alleging domestic abuse. That's a genie that cannot be put back inside the bottle. As soon as the authorities are involved, the disputing parties lose control over the resolution of the issue.

    The possible sentences for domestic violence conviction escalate from probation to prison time. Conviction on a third offense includes mandatory incarceration.

A Lifetime of Consequences

    A conviction on a domestic violence charge carries serious, life-long consequences even after you pay your fine or serve your sentence. If convicted, you may lose your right to own or possess firearms and a conviction could be used against you in child custody matters.

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Don't take these charges lightly. If you have been charged with domestic violence and need an attorney who will fight for you, contact Bellon & Maningo. Call 702-452-6299 or e-mail the firm to arrange a consultation.