• 30 OCT 13
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    Constitutionality of Prosecuting Casino Markers

    Prosecuting Casino Markers   Most criminal defense attorneys have, at some point and time, griped about the legalities of the District Attorney's Office prosecuting marker cases on the behalf of the casinos. Negotiations in most marker cases include a dismissal at the conclusion of the case once the money has been paid in full orRead more →
    • 01 OCT 13
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    Conceding Guilt at Trial

    Conceding Guilt at Trial   Sometimes criminal defense attorneys have to defend a case where the evidence against the accused is insurmountable on some or all of the charges. In cases where some of charges are a "slam dunk" for the prosecutors, a defense attorney may make the strategic decision to concede guilt on theseRead more →
    • 01 JUL 13
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    Can an Unpaid Casino Marker Land you in Jail?

    A casino marker is a line of credit that casino patrons can use to obtain gaming chips to gamble with. Casino markers are issued to gamblers who have the ability to pay the money back if they lose. Casino markers can be issued to just about anyone who gambles who applies for one. This line

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    • 21 NOV 13
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    Battery Domestic Violence and Gun Rights

      Battery Domestic Violence and Gun Rights   The Supreme Court will hear argument regarding whether a Tennessee’s misdemeanor domestic assault conviction should ban him from owning a gun.

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    • 26 NOV 13
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    Battery Constituting Domestic Violence

      Battery Constituting Domestic Violence   In Nevada, to be charged with a battery constituting domestic violence, the altercation is not always with someone who you are married to or in a dating relationship with. In fact, you can be charged with a domestic violence for having a fight with a room mate or other

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