• 27 AUG 13
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    Immigration Consequences Resulting from Criminal Offense

    Immigration Consequences Resulting from a Criminal Offense   Anyone charged with a crime has enough to worry about. However, for those that not only face criminal charges but also negative immigration consequences, the worry multiplies. This is why the Supreme Court now requires criminal defense attorneys to also advise clients of potential immigration concerns asRead more →
    • 24 APR 14
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    How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

    Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas Many of our clients inquire about the value of their Personal Injury case.  Actually determining the value for our clients can be a challenge before we can analyze all of the case details.  The process of negotiating with the insurance companies, on behalf of our clients, is a very

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    • 01 JUL 13
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    GPS Tracking. Does it constitue a ‘search’?

    In United States v. Jones, the Supreme Court held that the installation and use of a GPS device on a targets vehicle constituted a search. For those unfamiliar with the case, the basic facts are as follows. Antoine Jones, a Washington nightclub owner, was suspected of being part of a cocaine selling operation. To confirm

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    • 13 AUG 13
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    Forced Blood Draw and DUIs

    Recently, the United States Supreme Court held that police officers cannot force a blood draw without a warrant.   Recently, the United States Supreme Court provided another victory for defense counsel when it comes to defending DUIs. In Missouri vs. McNeely, the court held that police officers cannot force a blood draw without a warrant.Read more →
    • 15 OCT 13
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    DUI When Not Driving?

    A DUI when you weren't even driving?   Believe it or not, in Nevada, you do not actually have to be driving a vehicle to be convicted of a DUI charge. You can be charged with a DUI if you are found sleeping in your vehicle with alcohol or drugs in your system. In fact,Read more →
    • 25 OCT 13
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    Dog Law – Dogs Behind Bars

    Pups On Parole   Dog Law   Currently, there are 22 dogs enrolled in a program called Pups on Parole. The program is sponsored by the Heaven Can Wait animal shelter. In the program, the dogs live in the prison and have an inmate trainer. The inmates teach and train dogs who may have abusedRead more →

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