• 20 AUG 13
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    Pressing Charges in Las Vegas

    Pressing charges in Las Vegas | Who Decides? It seems to be a common occurrence when a fight happens between 2 friends or family members and the police are called, the individual who initially called the police then decides they will not be  pressing charges in Las Vegas. They then may contact the police department,Read more →
    • 01 JAN 14
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    Notice and Drug Crimes – Burrage v. United States – pt. II

      Notice and Drug Crimes pt. 2- Burrage v. United States A Two Part Series Part II This is a continuation of an earlier blog regarding the case Burrage v. United States. Burrage was convicted of an additional twenty years for a drug sale that resulted in death. Burrage’s attorney took exception to the jury

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    • 17 DEC 13
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    Notice and Drug Crimes – Burrage v. United States

      Notice and Drug Crimes – Burrage v. United States A Two Part Series Part I All individuals charged with a crime are entitled to notice. This means that a named defendant in a criminal case must be made aware of the charges against him/her and when the violations were committed. On Nov. 12, 2013

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    • 06 AUG 13
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    Medical Marijuana & DUI in Las Vegas

    Under Nevada Law, the use of marijuana with a prescription for medical purposes is now legal.   And obtaining the drug through a state-authorized medical marijuana dispensary is not a crime. However, this does not spell the end of all potential legal problems for medical marijuana users. If not careful, medical marijuana users could findRead more →
    • 10 JAN 14
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    Mandatory DNA Swab by Law Enforcement

      Mandatory DNA Swab by Law Enforcement A law went into effect earlier this year in July that requires law enforcement to collect DNA from a swab of your cheek whenever you are arrested for a felony. If probable cause is established to arrest you, law enforcement can then run a search of your DNA

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    • 03 APR 14
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    Is MedPay Insurance Necessary?

      MEDPAY COVERAGE Medpay coverage is often overlooked by many consumers during the process of purchasing auto insurance.   Yes, it is an additional cost, but it pays your medical bills whether or not you are at fault for an accident.  A consumer can select the amount of Medpay coverage they purchase, usually from $1,000 to

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