• 27 MAY 14
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    Statute of Limitations and How This Impacts Personal Injury Cases

    Statute of Limitations and Personal Injury Cases “Statute of Limitations” is a phrase that has worked its way into the lexicon of anyone who has watched a law show on television. ¬†Statute of Limitations is defined as: “The time frame set by legistlation where affected parties need to take action to enforce rights or seek

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    • 14 NOV 13
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    Social Media in Criminal Cases

      Social Media in Criminal Cases   All too often these days, people are quick to post information on social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter that could potentially cause harmful consequences. This is especially true for those accused in criminal cases. Very often when a defendant is charged with a crime the prosecutor

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    • 01 JUL 13
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    Right to a Fair Trial?

      The Right to a Fair Trial? The right to a fair trial by an impartial jury is seen as an essential right in all criminal proceedings. But, with the mass media coverage available today to the general public, is any criminal defendant actually afforded a “fair trial?” Anyone watching the Casey Anthony trial likely

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    • 24 SEP 13
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    Retirement Benefits after a Divorce

      Divorce can affect people financially in more ways than they often consider. As such, when going through a divorce, it is important to be well informed, especially where retirement benefits are concerned. Most assets acquired during a marriage are considered community property in Nevada.   Community property means that the asset belongs to theRead more →
    • 11 SEP 13
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    Purse Thieves and Entrapment

    Purse Thieves In an effort to curb crime against tourists on the Strip, detectives with the Tourist Crimes Unit began using high-end purses to catch thieves preying on tourists in the casinos. They place the "bait purse" on or around a chair at a slot machine and observe for someone taking the purse. Police implementedRead more →
    • 03 DEC 13
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    Probation Violations

      Probation Violations   Singer Chris Brown was accused of punching a stranger in the face in the early morning hours of October 27,2013 in Washington, D.C.   The alleged victim is Adams Parker. Mr. Parker alleges that Mr. Brown punched him

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