Battery Constituting Domestic Violence


Battery Constituting Domestic Violence


In Nevada, to be charged with a battery constituting domestic violence, the altercation is not always with someone who you are married to or in a dating relationship with. In fact, you can be charged with a domestic violence for having a fight with a room mate or other family member. Many people make the false assumption that it would only be a domestic violence charge if the fight happened with someone you were in a relationship with.


To be convicted of a battery constituting domestic violence, the prosecutor must prove that there was a battery and that a domestic relationship existed. NRS 3 3. 018 defines domestic violence as an act that is committed “against or upon the person’s spouse or former spouse, any other person to whom the person is related by blood or marriage, any other person with whom the person is or was actually residing, any other person with whom the person has had or is having a dating relationship, any other person with whom the person has a child in common, the minor child of any of those persons, the person’s minor child or any other person who has been appointed the custodian or legal guardian for the person’s minor child … “


Pursuant to this law, you can be charged with domestic violence for a fight with a room mate, or a sibling, and not just someone you are in a marriage or dating relationship with. The penalties and consequences for a charge or battery constituting domestic violence are very harsh. If you or anyone you know is facing charges for domestic violence, the attorneys at Bellon & Maningo have years of experience in handling these types of cases.


If you have been accused of Battery Constituting Domestic Violence make sure you speak with an experienced Family Defense Attorney before taking any actions or speaking to anyone, even on social media, regarding the circumstances of your charges or potential charges.

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